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Heat Transfer Vinyl

also called HTV, is a type of material that can be cut with a vinyl cutter to make designs, letters or numbers in an array of styles. HTV vinyl comes in sheets or rolls, and has two parts to it. There is the vinyl and the carrier sheet. They are both joined together and come apart during the heat transfer.
* Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV requires heat and pressure to adhere to a surface.
* Use HTV on clothing, blankets, hats, bags, canvas, and some other surfaces use adhesive vinyl on.
* You need either an iron or a heat press to apply HTV and need transfer tape to adhere adhesive vinyl.  
* It is more durable and lasts a lot longer when used on canvas, wood, ceramic etc.
* HTV is better for business – if you want to sell great, high quality products, then HTV will give a better result

Flocked HTV

gives your design an added dimension - soft, suede, feel

Glitter HTV

create brilliant designs that sparkle and shine

Metallic HTV

very high shine, polished finished - metallic effect

Holographic HTV

contains color changing chips - multicolor shine

Reflective HTV

reflects light. It doesn't create light; it isn't lit

Stretch HTV

for performance wear - thin, flexible, stretchy

Patterned HTV

include prints, stripes, checks, shapes, icons...

Foil HTV

shine with a smooth finish and soft hand like metallic vinyl

Adhesive Vinyl

has a sticky back like a sticker. It's not applied with heat
* It’s quicker to use and less complicated than HTV. You don’t need to buy a heat press.
* Adhesive vinyl has a sticky back like a sticker.
* Can not be used on clothing. Use on windows, walls, cups, glass, wood, keychains, and Easily applied to outdoor surfaces, like vehicles
* Likely to be cheaper than using HTV as you need less equipments
* Apply adhesive vinyl to awkwardly shaped surfaces, like wine glasses. You can’t do this with a heat press!

Printable AV

printed image for application - adhesive back

Transparent AV

simulates stained glass or colored acrylic effect

Glitter / Metallic

contains metallic flakes - ultimate sparkle

Stencil AV

mask surfaces to be painted for die cut spray mask stencils

Chalkboard AV

Create your own blackboard anywhere with this

Etched Glass AV

gives the appearance of real etched glass

Glow in the Dark

looks great in the daylight and glows in the dark

Patterned AV

with patterned - has a sticky back - not applied with heat

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